How to Enhance Future Semesters Through Reflective Course Evaluations and Adjustments

Instructors can optimize future courses by critically reflecting on various aspects like teaching methods, student engagement, assignments, and overall course design. By analyzing what worked and identifying areas of challenge, educators are empowered to make strategic improvements for upcoming semesters.

Supporting Student Success Through High Expectations

Consider the following tips for setting and maintaining high expectations to support student success in your courses.

Utilizing Online Discussions

Consider these tips for creating effective online discussions in your course!

Building Community by Building Rapport

Establishing a community among students and instructors plays an important role in facilitating learning in higher education. Whether on campus or online, in a small seminar or large lecture, you can encourage students to connect with each other (and you) to promote meaningful interactions and learning.

Chat GPT

Navigating the landscape of ChatGPT has been a roller coaster ride for educators since its introduction in late 2022. Whether you find yourself thrilled by the possibilities it offers, wary of its broader implications or somewhere in between, it’s essential to delve into the intricacies of ChatGPT to fully consider its capabilities.