UA Teaching Academy Advisory Committee

The UA Teaching Academy Advisory Committee comprises representatives from across the faculty community. Members are dedicated to guiding and supporting the Academy's initiatives, including promoting teaching excellence, assessing and documenting teaching, encouraging the scholarship of teaching, collaborating and connecting with other campus units, creating a culture to support teaching and learning, and engaging in other related activities.


Picture of Dr. Michelle Cheshire

Dr. Michelle Cheshire

Capstone College of Nursing

Picture of Dr. Chandra Clark

Dr. Chandra Clark

College of Communication and Information Sciences

Picture of Dr. David Hardy

Dr. David Hardy

College of Education

Picture of Dr. Natalie Loper

Dr. Natalie Loper

College of Arts and Sciences

Picture of Dr. Jef Naidoo

Dr. Jef Naidoo

Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration

Picture of Dr. Erik Peterson

Dr. Erik Peterson

College of Arts and Sciences

Picture of Dr. Jason Scofield

Dr. Jason Scofield

College of Human Environmental Sciences

Picture of Dr. Cassander Smith

Dr. Cassander Smith

Honors College

Picture of Dr. Sherron Wilkes

Dr. Sherron Wilkes

School of Social Work

Picture of Dr. Derek Williamson

Dr. Derek Williamson

College of Engineering