The University of Alabama Faculty Fellows Program is a two-year initiative. Its goal is to support faculty members seeking to enhance their teaching practices and make meaningful contributions to their respective disciplines and fields. Fellows will receive a $5,000/semester stipend. Eight fellowships will be awarded annually.

During the first year of the program, fellows participate in monthly professional development opportunities aimed at deepening their understanding of teaching and learning, led by the League of Extraordinary Teachers, previous faculty fellows and/or outside experts. These include workshops, seminars and individual consultations with experts in the field. Fellows also engage in ongoing reflection on their teaching practices, sharing their insights and challenges with their peers in the program.

In the second year of the program, fellows shift to leadership and facilitator roles within the program. They participate in selecting the next round of fellows, including drafting requirements, developing the application process, reviewing applications, selecting new rounds of fellows and welcoming and orienting new fellows to the program. In addition, former follows will take on speaker roles for the program. The goal is to have the program become self-sustaining, run by the fellows for the fellows.

By combining in-depth learning and project development, the UA Faculty Fellows Program offers a comprehensive approach to professional development that can have a lasting influence on individual faculty members as well as the wider academic community.