The University of Alabama’s Teaching Academy supports the institution’s strategic goal of providing a premier education characterized by outstanding teaching. It serves as an instructional resource hub and innovation center dedicated to promoting equitable and supportive learning environments and high-quality, evidence-based instruction.

The UA Teaching Academy will achieve its mission through the following objectives:

  • Offer resources to instructors to develop, enhance and disseminate instructional knowledge and skills
  • Provide consultation and programming on pedagogical and curricular matters to assist instructors to:
    • Recognize and respect learner differences
    • Identify and assess desired student learning outcomes
    • Develop and implement research-informed instructional strategies that help students actively participate in the learning process, embrace responsibility for their own learning, excel in the learning environment and meet desired learning outcomes
  • Create a culture of scholarly teaching to support instructors to:
    • Document teaching and learning effectiveness
    • Participate in peer reviews of teaching
    • Integrate innovative scholarship into teaching and learning