Dr. Carla Blakey

Dr. Carla Blakey, assistant professor and undergraduate program coordinator for Sport Management, submitted this tip for staying engaged with her students:

One way I engage with students is by facilitating attendance pop quizzes.

From time to time, I’ll document attendance by asking students to answer three or four questions on a sheet of notebook paper. Many questions are “get to know you”-style questions like “What’s your favorite restaurant in Tuscaloosa?” or “What is something Dr. Blakey can do to support you?”

I also use these questions to informally assess both student learning and teaching effectiveness. I may ask “What was something that surprised about today’s lecture?” or “So far in the semester, what are your top three takeaways?”

I am always so excited to read their responses after class. This easy tool has promoted interactivity, community and trust in my classrooms.