Tools, Resources and Best Practices in Teaching

Artificial Intelligence

Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) is a computer-based technology that creates a variety of data. Explore and apply generative AI tools to collaborative teaching and learning.

Inclusive Teaching

Prepare for different audiences and contexts that can help teachers meet their students’ needs while feeling more confident about their own abilities.

Preparing to Teach

The first day of class establishes the tone for the course. Even seasoned teachers get nervous before meeting a new group of students for the first time, so preparing in advance can help ease nerves.

Student and Classroom Engagement

Refer to this growing list of resources to help you meet federal RSI policy and OTIDE expectations for regular and substantive interaction. 

Assessing and Reflecting

Evaluating student learning allows teachers to see how well students are meeting the course objectives. Reflecting on and assessing teaching can also help teachers become more effective educators.